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The Beaver Gazette

The Beaver Gazette is an award winning newsletter distributed monthly to every student at Beaver Technology Center on the first Thursday of each month in their take home (Thursday) folders. Copies are available in English and in Spanish. Each newsletter is carefully curated to include information about everything happening at Beaver Tech. Look forward to articles from the Principal, Counselor, Specials Teachers, and PTA Board committee chairs in each issue. 

Have something you want to submit? We are always looking for great content and ways to celebrate our students and staff. Check our Calendar for article deadlines or contact Amy Hill for more information.


August/September 2017 (English/Spanish)


May 2016 (english/spanish)

April 2016 (english/spanish)

March 2016 (english/spanish)

February 2016 (english/spanish)

January 2016 (english/spanish)

November 2015 (english/spanish)

October 2015 (english/spanish)

August/September 2015 (english/spanish)


November 2016 (English/Spanish)

October 2016 (English/Spanish)

August/September 2016 (English/Spanish)


May 2015 (Engligh/Spanish)

April 2015 (English/Spanish)

March 2015 (English/Spanish)

February 2015 (English/Spanish)

December 2014 (English/Spanish)

Novemenr 2014 (English/Spanish)

October 2014 (English/Spanish)

August/September 2014 (English/Spanish)

Winner of the Garland Council of PTAs 

"Outstanding Communications Award" 2016-2017

Winner of the Garland Council of PTAs 

"Outstanding Communications Award" 2014-2015

Winner of the Texas PTA Newsletter Gold Award 

2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015

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