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Adventure Dash Fun Run

September 27, 2019, 12:00-3:00


Help Raise Money For 

Our Outdoor Classroom!

2019 Detailed Proposal Video

Presentation Video from 2018


Classroom questions can be directed to

Supporting our Adventure Dash fundraiser is easy and can start now!

Just follow the directions below:

1) Visit:


3) When you get to your child’s page, there will be a link generated just      for them!

Please send that link out to family and friends!

Donations can be made online or by bringing in cash or check.

Checks should be made out to Beaver Tech PTA.

Your child’s personal Dash Band goals are:

Click The Link = Tunnel Runner

$25 in pledges = Lucky

$50 in pledges = Ninja

$100 in pledges = Cowabunga

$150 in pledges = Minion

$200 in pledges = Bubble Gum

$300 in pledges = SUPERSTAR


Your child’s classroom goals are:

$300 = Extra Recess!!

$600 = Crazy Hat Day!!

$1,000 = Shoes Of in the Classroom!!

$1,500 = Paper Snowball Fight!!

$2,000 = Water Balloon the Coaches!!

School Wide Challenges:

$5,000 - Crazy Hair Day!

$10,000 - Pajama Day!

$15,000 - Popcorn Party!

$20,000 - Slime Your Administration!

$25,000 - Custom Beaver Water Bottle for Everyone!!

We are excited to partner with Adventure Dash Fun Run again this year for our Fall fundraiser! Our students will
definitely have a blast with this program and long-term learning in our future outdoor classroom!


The Adventure Dash Team will be visiting our school September 18th, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, and 27th and they will be teaching the kids about maintaining a healthy lifestyle through high-energy, kid approved lessons.

The Fundraiser will start on September 18th and will end with Dash Day on September 27th. Dash Day is a fun-filled
obstacle course
run that each child will participate in and it will show students that no obstacle is too hard to
overcome! The Mr. Sugar Rush ice cream truck will be on campus with sweet treats for only $3.00!!

Expect that your child(ren) will come home with extra surprise challenges nightly while the Adventure Dash Team
is on campus!

If you have any questions please email Melinda at:!


We love to have our parents participate in the run with their kids or just cheer them on. As our biggest fundraiser of the year, we want everyone involved!

Run Schedule


Sensory Run


Kindergarten and 1st Grade


2nd and 3rd Grades


4th and 5th Grades


Ice Cream for Sale!

Ice CReam.png

Thank you for your support!

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