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We are now seeking parents, teachers, and community members that may be interested in serving on the Beaver Tech PTA Board for the 2017-2018 school year.

The PTA Board works directly with the principal and school. We advocate for all children at Beaver Tech and strive to make the educational experience both fun and rewarding for students and teachers. If you would like to have a voice, please consider stepping into a position and help us continue to help keep Beaver Tech the best school in Garland!

All positions are available. Each position carries a one year commitment, but can only be filled for two years by the same person. For instance, the PTA President will serve a minimum of one year, but cannot hold the position for more than two years.

Please see the descriptions below and email our PTA President, Heather Bryant for more info. Feel free to reach out to the PTA board member holding the position you are interested in for more specific questions.

2017-2018 pta interest survey

Presides at all meetings of the association, attends committee meetings, attends GISD Council meetings, coordinates the work of the officers and chairmen,  committees of the association, and proof all documents before distribution

Encourages parents, staff and community members to join PTA throughout the school year, plans a membership table to be present at all PTA and school functions, maintains an accurate membership roster at all times, submits dues to Texas PTA, distribute membership cards to all members.

Coordinates fundraisers, actively promotes and coordinates all shopping rebate programs, coordinates the annual school supply sale, coordinates school restaurant nights.

Compiles, prints and distributes the monthly newsletter, coordinates and distributes publicity on PTA events.

Records the minutes of all meetings of the association, maintains, sends meeting reminders to board members, and distributes an accurate board directory.

Keeps accurate and complete accounts of money received and spent, makes disbursements and deposits, presents a financial report at every meeting, presents a proposed budget to the association, files all tax documents, reconciles bank statements monthly.

Willing to learn about parliamentary procedure; will become familiar with our bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order; updates bylaws as amendments are made; advises President on questions of parliamentary law when needed.

Promote the Arts in Education program.  Coordinate and encourage student participation in the Reflections program and 5th Grade Greeting Card contest.  

Coordinate with the Carnival Chairman the organizing, soliciting for, and set-up of the annual auction to be held in conjunction with the school carnival.

Serve as representative of the bilingual families at the school, work with teachers and the Volunteer Coordinator to recruit bilingual volunteers, coordinate with the Room Representative for the bilingual room parent orientation, and serve as a translator for PTA needs.

Plan service projects, activities, or programs that promote citizenship and character among students and encourages community involvement.  Coordinate with the school to plan two events during the school year that encourage parent, student, and community involvement such as Campus Clean-Up or Grandparents day.

Plan and organize the annual school carnival, coordinate with the Auction Chairman regarding organizing, soliciting for, and set-up of auction

Attend monthly council meetings and report back to the PTA, submit the Outstanding Monthly PTA award to Council, collect nominees for Teacher and Principal of the Year Awards, when deemed appropriate and enter submission.

Publicize matters of child health and safety via newsletter articles and other printed materials, plan health and safety events to take place at the school carnival or other appropriate school event, serve as Legislative Action Chairman by keeping members informed of PTA legislation and any legislative actions that are being undertaken by PTA, inform members of community events such as voting days.

Plan and, coordinate meals/snacks for school staff during Meet the Teacher Night and parent-teacher conferences, coordinate monthly Teacher Appreciation Meals, arrange Teacher Appreciation Week activities, and send notes of condolence, congratulations, etc.  Provide hospitality/refreshments at the request of the PTA board.

Work with the Volunteer Coordinator and the Bilingual Liaison to plan and coordinate the volunteer and room representative training by the sixth week of school.  Select a grade level coordinator for each grade and one room representative for each classroom.  Act as liaison between individual room representatives and the executive board.

Run the school supply process from start to finish.  Walk teachers through the list process, prepare list and work with our rep, take pre-orders, schedule and be available for delivery and sales during porch party. Close out the sale by returning unsold packages and preparing payment arrangements.

Distribute volunteer interest surveys, hold Volunteer Training within first few weeks of school, coordinate volunteers when requested by PTA board or school, distribute background check forms during the second week of school, submit volunteer hours to Council PTA monthly, coordinate with the Room Representative Chairman to plan and coordinate the volunteer and room representative training.

Compile materials needed to design and have printed the yearbook, take pictures of school events and collect pictures from parents and teachers to include in yearbook, take pre-paid orders and organize distribution of yearbooks.


Maintains and creates content for the PTA website and social media sites. Must stay in direct communication with all board members. Familiarity with and all social media platforms and algorithms a plus. Help maintain and manage grade level FB groups.

1st VP Membership

2nd VP Fundraising

3rd VP





Art in Education


Bilingual Liaison

Campus, Community

& Parent Involement


Council Delegate

Health, Safety

& Legislation


Room Rep


School Supplies




Digital Content 



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